R/qtl version 1.36-6

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Karl Broman

Mar 5, 2015, 7:45:28 PM3/5/15
to rqtl-a...@googlegroups.com
A new version of R/qtl (1.36-6) has been released at its web site
(http://www.rqtl.org) and will soon appear on CRAN.

There are no major changes, but there were a number of small things,

  Added a function flip.order() for flipping the order of markers on
  selected chromosomes.

  Added scanonevar.meanperm and scanonevar.varperm (from Robert Corty)
  for permutation tests with scanonevar().

  Revised plotPheno (aka plot.pheno) so that one can control the
  x-axis label and title (also, in a histogram, the breaks).

  Fixed a bug in scanonevar; was failing with an error about coercing
  class "A" to a data.frame.

A complete list of changes is at http://rqtl.org/STATUS.txt

Karl Broman
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