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Karl Broman

Feb 18, 2018, 11:17:45 AM2/18/18
to R/qtl announcements
A new version of R/qtl (1.42-7) has been released at its website (http://www.rqtl.org) and will be on CRAN shortly.

The big change: I removed the functions plot.errorlod, plot.geno, plot.info, plot.missing, plot.pheno, plot.pxg, and plot.rf. Changes in the process of submitting packages to CRAN have made this necessary. Each of the packages has alternative names that have been used in the tutorials for some years:

  plot.errorlod  plotErrorlod
  plot.geno      plotGeno
  plot.info      plotInfo
  plot.missing   plotMissing
  plot.pheno     plotPheno
  plot.pxg       plotPXG
  plot.rf        plotRF

If you have old scripts that use the old function names, add the following code at the top:

I also fixed some bugs in refineqtl() and stepwiseqtl() regarding model="binary" and the case of NA LOD scores.

Karl Broman
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