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Aug 14, 2010, 2:41:37 AM8/14/10
to Right to Recall Group
[Aside folks : Lets use non-SMS English only]

On my orkut scrapbook, I got following questions from

The questions are on RTI2 , RTR law. The RTI2 law is described in 4
page pamphlet at Please go thru all 3-4
clauses of RTI2.

>Question : once rtr is up n running..wht abt d public outcry??
>ders gonna b a huge flood petitions frm ppl...
When a proposal in law-draft is made, there are only certain questions
that apply
1. Is it costwise feasible
2. Does it harm any honest person?
3. can it be subverted by people in people?
4. What is the worst case damage it can do to honest individual
5. What is best case, worst case benefit it can give?

RTI2 has only two operational clauses. It will surely create a flood
of complaints on PM's website. The logistic costs including salaries
of the clerk who is scanning and posting the complaints will be met by
Rs 20 per page fee. So cost issue is taken care. Now "flood of
complaints" is not a fault of RTI2 --- the flood of complaints is
coming because innumerable complaints do exist. RTI2 will only prove
that many complaints (some right, some wrong) exists. This information
cant do damage to any honest person.

And one benefit RTI2 gives is that citizens can use RTI2's clause-1 to
propose SOLUTIONS, not complaints. And citizens can use clause-2 to
prove that majority does support the proposed solution. This will
force MPs who oppose good solution to keep quiet and this will force
PM to give instructions to staff (as written in proposal in clause-1)
even against his will. A complaint with no proposed solution will not
fetch many supporters in clause-2.

Its like internet. There are millions of website and the website which
post good contents are visited by more people and the websites which
post poor contents lose out. But the fact that billions of website
will come soon doesnt hurt any honest person.

>Question: do we hav d required mechanisms to solve deez many issues?

Depends on the complaint. We have mechanism to reduce poverty problem,
and that mechanism is MRCM (see chapter titled as "Mineral Royalties
for Citizens, Military" in ). Do we have
mechanism to solve problem of corruption in judges? Yes. Please see
chapter titled "RRG proposals to reduce Corruption, Nepotism in
Courts" in . The pdf provided law-drafts
that would reduce about 80-100 problems of India.

RTI2 answers this question "do we have solution" via clause-2. The
citizen using RTI2 clause-2 can register YES/NO on any complaint
submitted in RTI2 clause-1. A complaint with acceptable solution will
get far more YESes than complaints with no proposed solution or
unacceptable solutions.

>Question: hw r v gonna tk careor d ovrflooded petitions...? hw do v control dem?

There is nothing to control. Do we need to control number of websites?
Do we need to control number of orkut communities? Do we need to
control number of tweets in a day? In RTI2, a persons wants YESes
from many citizens and so he will try to make contents of his
complaint cum solution as acceptable to others as possible. This
itself will bring control and discipline.


Aug 14, 2010, 4:06:50 AM8/14/10
to Right to Recall Group
>Question : hw practical is it to remove the supreme court
>chief judge wid rtr..wen der is nobdy else
>authorative to control our actions..coz RTR givs men powers
>...n powers can b misused.

The full and exact draft of Right to Recall Supreme Court Chief judge
if given in chapter titled "Right to Recall Supreme Court Chief judge"
at . The draft is an executive
notification which needs signature of PM and nothing more.

The draft will enable citizens to expel SC-Cj, if and when they think
that existing SC-Cj must be kicked out, and they have agreed upon a

Now can you cite which clause of RTR-CjI is "impractical"?

Which clauses do you think "people in power" can misuse and how?


>Question : lets tk up d issue of Suresh Kalmadi for
>misappropriation of funds in CWG. hw wil RTR b effective
>if it ws active in d current situation. tk it in a way dat i saw

If we had Right to Recall PM, then the PM would not have dared to bid
for common wealth games' hosting in 2003. The whole idea of spending
Rs 40000 cr was nothing but way to siphon out Rs 20000 cr and the
games are failing because corruption leads to indiscipline and then
nothing gets done. And if we had RTI2, we citizens could have canceled
CWG hosting right in 2003 by filing NO under clause-2 of RTI2.

>Question : d whole case on tv...n nw i wish to pull dwn d ppl
>responsible n for der negligence.

In addition to RTR, I have proposed 2 more procedures : Imprisonment
by Majority Voting and Execution by Majority Voting. The procedures'
draft is given in chapter titled as "RRP proposals to reduce
corruption at high places" in . The
procedures says that individuals at high places can be executed by
approval of 67% citizens. When will 67% citizens agree for execution
of Minister, IAS, judge etc? Only when the person deserves to be
hanged 100 times. So procedure will not hang any innocent person. But
the threat of execution is sufficient to ensure that no Minister, IAS,
judge will ever dare to become ven 10% as corrupt he is as of today.

So answeing your question, if we had RTR\RTI2, we should not have had
CWG to begin with. And rampant corruption would not happen once RTR
and "Execution by Majority Voting" comes.


Jun 30, 2012, 6:54:36 AM6/30/12
TCP and RTR  in hindi with some updating
Janta Ki Awaz hindi 4 Paardarshi Shikayat_Prastaav Pranaali.doc
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