Excellent News -- Rajiv Dixit (Bharat Swabhiman) has decided to add Right to Recall in Bharat Swabhiman agenda !!

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Apr 13, 2010, 7:53:52 AM4/13/10
to Right to Recall Group
Dear all,

As you all know I had joined been Bharat Swabhiman Trust some 6 months
ago, and I had been campaigning inside Bharat Swabhiman Trust for RTR
laws for over a year. I have contacted over 300 volunteers of BST over
phone or in person one-on-one and spoken to 1000+ in groups. And I
have distributed over 20,000 pamphlets on RTR amongst BST workers.

I had asked all BST workers to explain RTR benefits to all fellow BST
members and also Rajiv Dixitjee, and Ramdevjee. And 100s of volunteers
did meet Dixitjee. And the hard work of all brought fruits. Just
yesterday, I got call from Mahendra Singh of Delhi, that Dixitjee has
decided to add Right to Recall in BST agenda. Dixtjee further said
that RTR will be over ALL positions - PM, CMs, judges, RBI Governors,
District Police Commissioners etc not just corporators.

This will force ALL parties to consider Right to Recall.
This is a positive news for all of us, who are supporters of Right to
Recall. And please pass this news to as many as possible.


And I request ALL to force EVERY party to add Right to Recall PM, CM,
judges in every party's manifesto.

Lets work towards reducing corruption in India. And RTR is the only
known way to reduce corruption. And so lets support RTR by forcing
every political to add RTR in their manifesto.


Apr 26, 2010, 8:45:11 PM4/26/10
to Right to Recall Group

Yesterday, Ramdevji also said that RTR will be part of BST agenda.



Right to Recall is the ONLY known way to reduce corruption. So if you think that corruption, if not controlled, can kill India, please campaign for "Right to Recall" laws. How? Please download http://rahulmehta.com/003.pdf to see how by spending mere 10 minutes a week and zero donations, you can help in bringing Right to Recall laws in India.


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Apr 26, 2010, 9:00:30 PM4/26/10
to Right to Recall Group

I will ask everyone in Right to Recall Group to join BST. Please
become Special Member (fee = Rs 1100) or at least do become Worker
Member (Rs 51 fee).

saikat ghosh

Oct 28, 2012, 11:08:06 AM10/28/12
to RightT...@googlegroups.com
sir dixitjee bhi gaye aur BST ke agenda se RTR bhi gaya .. ????? abhi jo BST chalate hai wo RTR ka samarthan kyun nahi karte ?

Rocky Karthik

Feb 18, 2015, 5:47:23 PM2/18/15
to RightT...@googlegroups.com
So, you supported BST back then and now opposing it after Shri Rajiv Dixit Ji is dead. Any specific reason Rahul bhai?
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