Income Tax dept has ordered scrutiny of my all past 4 years Income Tax returns

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May 6, 2010, 11:11:00 PM5/6/10
to Right to Recall Group
When I started with the agenda to give publicity to laws such as Right
to Recall PM, Right to Recall judges, Right to recall Reserve Bank
Governor etc, I knew that I would face harassment from top as the news
grows big enough and reaches top. So when Income Tax dept ordered
scrutiny of my past 4 years Income Tax returns, the only thoughts that
came to me is : why so late?

And later, I found that my scrutiny was not due to random selection,
but it was discretionary order which came all the way from New Delhi.
I do not know which officer in New Delhi initiated the scrutiny, but
the file which came at Ahmedabad Office in Income Tax Dept had my
election affidavit inside it and had list of details questions that
officer was supposed to ask me and send the the reply all the way to
New Delhi.

I will later post URLs of the scanned copies notices Income Tax dept
sent me. And I will also ask Income Tax dept to post ALL the notices
they have sent me along with every paper in my file including my IT
returns and questions they asked and replies I gave on the website of
Income Tax dept. This way, any interested activist can get information
straight from the source.

All in all, activists should be prepared. Please note that if you take
up agenda that hurts the corrupt Ministers, officers, policemen,
judges and wealthy cronies, they will use every dept in India to
harass you and things can worsen further if you still persist. I do
not want to discourage people from contesting election against corrupt
Ministers, corrupt judges etc. But I do want them to know that be
prepared to face all sorts of harassment and much worse.


Right to Recall is the ONLY known way to reduce corruption. So if you think that corruption, if not controlled, can kill India, please campaign for "Right to Recall" laws. How? Please download to see how by spending mere 10 minutes a week and zero donations, you can help in bringing Right to Recall laws in India.


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