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Apr 1, 2005, 10:21:01 AM4/1/05
hi guys, i am a singer/songwriter. the genre i compose in is a fusion
of metal and carnatic. heres why.

for me basically, music is a medium of transmitting emotion through
lyric and riff. in both carnatic classical and metal i found something
common- the intensity of the emotions. i am a veena enthusiast though
the only stringed instrument i can play is the guitar (electric). so
once i was listening to the great and late Dr. Chitti Babu on the
veena. and the piece was the ragam thanam pallavi in the
kharaharapriya. there was this part in the apasruti which had three
notes. two of the notes being the same and the third a higher one. ga
ga ma, if i am not mistaken. i tried playing out the same on my guitar.
though the sound was no where near in divinity to that of the veena,
with adequate distortion and tuning, the sound i produced was intense
enough to make a chill run down my spine.

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