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Jun 10, 2008, 8:48:11 AM6/10/08
to Research.Carnatic
Dear Members of Research.Carnatic and Carnatic.Resource,

In November 2004, I created these groups to foster a community of
Carnatic enthusiasts. At that time there was no proper place to
discuss and share about Carnatic music.

It seems like a blink of an eye, but almost 4 years have passed. It's
time to ask what the forum has achieved in all these years. The answer
is, nothing much. It's sad but that's the truth.

This is a community for people who love Carnatic music. Everyone knows
Carnatic is not main stream mass music. So this forum doesn't expect
to be a 'hot and happening' place with 100s of people thronging and
1000s of posts flying all over. But the fact is, the knowledge on
carnatic music is very limited, and it's our duty to share it among
the community.

New members join the community regularly. As of now there are over 300
members in these groups. Some of us are singers, instrumentalists and
other performing musicians, some very experienced teachers and some
students, and there are some die-hard fans of music who are sure to be
present in a concert hall.

This is a great gathering. This will be a fine community if we come
forward to contribute our knowledge, spread the wisdom and dare to
speak up our doubts.

Members may feel free to
1. Post in the group, topics relevant to this group.
2. Create pages
3. Upload files (Public Domain or Creative Commons licensed content.
NO copyrighted material.)

I welcome you all to enrich the community because this is still one of
the very few places dedicated to carnatic music.



Jun 20, 2008, 7:12:38 AM6/20/08
to Research.Carnatic
Dear Members of Research.Carnatic and Carnatic.Resource,

I have uploaded a .pps file, which is a 5 part lecture, going thru the
history of indian music and upto the present system of musical scale.
Although more is said and discussed durig the presentation, some of
you may find it interesting to run thru the slides.



Jun 21, 2008, 10:55:25 AM6/21/08
to Research.Carnatic
In case you are wondering, SiSu has uploaded a PPS (power point slide
show) in the 'Files' section.

You would need InaiMathi Tamil font and Naidunia Sanskrit font needed
for proper display. Here are the links for these fonts:

InaiMathi -->
Naidunia -->

Here is how you install the fonts in Windows:

Step 0: Extract the downloaded fonts to some folder
Step 1: Goto Start-->Settings-->Control Panel-->Fonts
Step 2: In Fonts dialog box: File menu
Step 3: Click Install New Fonts
Step 4: Specify the folder where the extracted font file are.
Step 5: Select All fonts
Step 6: Click OK and your are done.

Hope this helps.
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