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Pierre Kruppik

May 10, 2016, 8:16:09 AM5/10/16
to RedDot CMS Users

has anyone experience with an HTML5 page and the usage of Tidy in the CMS? As the current version of Tidy used in OpenText 11.2 is 1.22 (don't know if this correct) I have different problems. I have added unknown new HTML5 tags to a tidy config file, wich works fine. But I can not resolve the following errors:
- DocType beeing removed (<!DOCTYPE html>)
- A-tag around block elements (eg. DIV-tags) are not supported


Derek E

Oct 25, 2016, 10:23:01 AM10/25/16
to RedDot CMS Users
Service Pack 2 for 11.2 adds html5 support to Tidy.

From the release notes:
"2.1.21 New Tidy version supports HTML5
A new tidy version is available in addition to the existing tidy options. The tidy options HTML, HTML5 (tidy 4.9.15), XHTML, XHTML (tidy 4.9.15), XML, or XML (tidy 4.9.15) are available for compliance check and corrections. Tidy version 4.9.15 has been integrated to support HTML5. Note that Tidy version 4.9.15 is not officially released by the HTML Tidy Advocacy Community Group (HTACG)."
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