Charlottesville hackathon this Friday

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Peter Fries

May 6, 2013, 3:44:25 PM5/6/13
Hey all, I just wanted to pass along an announcement. John Berryman is organizing a hackathon with FoundationDB in Charlottesville this Friday (5/10). The announcement is below -- pass the word. Should be a fun get-together with some Cville and DC technologists. If you can make it, add your name to the list



Opensource Connections is getting ready to partner with 
FoundationDB to put on a FoundationDB hackathon.

FoundationDB is an interesting new NoSQL technology that claims to have beaten Brewer's CAP theorem. Basically, FoundationDB is a distributed/fault_tolerant key-value store that is able to still retain transactional semantics while still being quite fast. Read more about it here:

The extra cool part is that there exists several APIs (Java, Python, others) that allow you to access this key-value store and to even connect it to other SQL and NoSQL technologies. For instance, someone has already built a SQLite connector so that your API can think that it's talking to SQLite, but actually be talking to FoundationDB. (And all SQLite tests pass.)

Anyway, we are exploring this technology at Opensource Connections and if we can generate enough interest, the FoundationDB guys (deep technologists, not sales people) plan to come down, introduce their technology and hack with us.

If this is of interest to you, please let me know!

John (and OSC)
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