Death and marijuana in the suburbs.How to rid San Leandro of vice?

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May 1, 2008, 10:10:30 PM5/1/08
to Quality of Life Services of San Leandro
I am sorry for the family of this young Mr. Sauceda
that was killed. However. I have to wonder what part
citizens have played in making marijuana legal. The San Leandro Times
reports Mr. Sauceda had a marijuana farm in his house and this has
something to do with his violent and premature death.

How much marijuana at home is legal in San Leandro now?
Nevertheless. If it's legal to smoke small amounts in one's own
home, the marijuana will have to have to be supplied.
From a seller, from a grower. Selling and growing
are still illegal and as history has shown one vice
usually is accompanied by others--drinking, drugs, gambling,
promiscuity and prostitution, guns. It's not funny. Marijuana is not
a party favor.

How can San Leandro allow marijuana use and not expect
there to be a source? Immaculate conception? I mean
if the family of Mayor Tony Santos lights 'em up from
time to time at dinner . . . and so do their neighbors, and an ex con
and suspected drug dealer lived nextdoor . . .
moreover his son and daughter have
underage children, two boys . . . and there are other younger children
around since the suburbs usually do
have children, that's why they exist, to raise
families. Or is that marijuana now?

Here is an email about the legality of using suburban homes to smoke
marijuana in, it's email between myself and
Peggy Heubel of the San Leandro police from last summer. She says
marijuana smoking at home became legal two or three
years prior in San Leandro.

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Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 13:10:09 -0700
Subject: RE: Security in the Washington Manor
Two or three years ago.

From: CynthiaD. Warner
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 1:02 PM
To: Heubel, Peggy
Subject: Re: Security in the Washington Manor

Peggy, I had no idea marijuna use is legal at home.
When did this happen? wrote:
Ms. Warner:

Your email to Chuck Kane was forwarded to me for
reply. You expressed several concerns that,
hopefully, I can help you with.
Persistent marijuana use and hostility on your corner:
If this is occuring in public, call the police as
soon as you see this happening. However, if it is
occuring in someone's home, i.e., privately, citizens
are allowed as certain amount of marijuana for private
use. If you know marijuana is being sold from the
house, call our Vice & Narcotics Division and leave a
message at 577-3277. You can remain anonymous if you

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