Use Pyscripter with MSYS and Libre Office

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Dysmas de Lassus

Aug 2, 2021, 6:47:55 AMAug 2
to PyScripter
Since pyscripter can use external engines,  I wonder if it could be connected to the Python engine of MSYS and of Open Office / Libre Office.

For Libre Office, I am quite sure it should be possible, since there is python.exe and python.dll. Has anyone already tried that ? It would give a superior Python IDE for Libre Office, which offers nothing presently.

For MSYS things are more difficult. For those who don't know it is a Linux interpreter inside Windows. Being a Linux system, there is no "exe" or no "dll". But normallly rpyc should be able to connect to it. Some years ago, I used DevPhp to debug Ahk scripts this way. But it was a long time ago and I don't remember everything.
Once again, has someone some experience in these area ?
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