Citys Parks Cost for Occupy Portland

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John Milliken

Nov 11, 2011, 9:51:02 AM11/11/11
to Abe Cohen

I am proud of our city for the handling of the Occupy Portland situation and the recent decision to remove the occupation tent encampment.  Today I sent a small donation to Portland Parks Foundation to assist with the rehabilitation of Lownsdale and Chapman Square parks.

I am asking you to join me in that effort to help cover those costs.  I also desire to send a substantive indication to the city government and police that I approve of the handling of the situation - I hope that you may also share that thought.

I was in Oakland on the BART two years ago when a transit policeman subdued, shot and killed a young man who was only trying to break up a vicious fight.  Because of that sort of over-reaction and the charged atmosphere in Oakland and elsewhere, people of other cities are paying a high price for initial overwhelming and inappropriate police response to citizens who may only wish to express legitimate protest.  We fortunately live in a different city.  I feel we need to encourage Portland City Council and police that their respect and forbearance are appropriate.  Unfortunately, the local Occupy Portland initial message is now subsumed by the actions of less enlightened folks and small time criminals - it is time for all of them to move on.  Perhaps the core of Occupy Portland can find another means and venue to carry forward. 

Please send what you can via the Foundation website, by mail or drop a check to me and I will insure Portland Parks Foundation receives your contribution.

Thank you.


Portland Parks Foundation
888 Southwest 5th Avenue  
Portland, OR 97204-2012
(503) 445-0994

Dear John,

Thanks for your generous offer to help restore Lownsdale and Chapman Squares.  Commissioner Fish asked that I respond on his behalf.
The City is monitoring conditions at the parks.  The Commissioner and Mayor Adams agree that the current camps are unsustainable. We will continue to work with the Mayor, Chief Reese and Council to bring the occupation to a peaceful resolution.
In the meantime, if you’d like to support the continued health of our parks, we encourage you to consider a contribution to the Portland Parks Foundation. The Foundation works hand-in-hand with Portland Parks & Recreation to create a community of donors to support long-term stewardship of our urban parks.
Thanks again for your note and your desire to help support our public parks.
Sophia Kecskes
Special Projects
Office of Commissioner Nick Fish
(503) 823 3589  

"El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz"' (respect for the rights of others is peace )
-Benito Juarez
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