Poplar Heights Civic Association

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Welcome to the Poplar Heights Civic Association (PHCA) Google Group

You have joined approximately 400 of our neighbors subscribed to this site.  (July 2012). 


Originally created to replace door-to-door flyer & newsletter delivery, as well as to rapidly communicate ‘neighborhood watch-type’ alerts for folks living in the Poplar Heights neighborhood -- PHCA is loosely defined as between Shreve and West streets, north of the PHRA pool and Fowler Street, and South of Shrevewood Elementary and Fairview Avenue (excluding Westwood Park).  A rough map is available on our website: www.poplarheights.net/, as are neighborhood issues & events, newsletters, by-laws and some other basic information. 

 In 2009, due to common interests, we expanded the Google Group 'boundaries' to include more neighbors.  It now loosely comprises the entire Shreve Road corridor an area bounded (clockwise) from the intersection of Shreve & RT-29 down RT-29 to RT-495 to RT-66 to RT-7 to West to Fairview, back down Shreve to RT-29, and includes many residents of civic associations surrounding PHCA, similar to www.Nextdoor.com.

Any members can send a message to the entire Group at: PoplarHeights@Googlegroups.com, this can be moderated if it becomes necessary.  

Despite the broader membership PHCA will still conduct much of its official communication and business through this site, if disinterested please just disregard those notes, I think you will find the rest enjoyable and informative. 

Again, welcome!  Suggestions, comments, volunteers all welcome too!  Contact the PHCA Executive Committee (and not the whole Google Group) at:  PoplarHeights@Gmail.com 


---Keith Callahan, PHCA Secretary, etc. (2008-2019)