Waking midway through core???

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Polyphasic Paulo

Mar 27, 2013, 6:18:23 PM3/27/13
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Hello Everybody,

I have already cut my sleep from 8hrs to 4hrs on Everyman so I'm not too eager to give up on another 90mins. So waking midway through my 00:00-03:00 core @ 01:40 feeling quite refreshed is posing a dilemma. Stay awake or get the full quota of zzz's??? When I went back to sleep I slept through both alarms,  Its annoying to be setback again so my two questions:

i) If I wake early from core nap should I stay awake and contemplate an extended graveyard shift and also upset my routine??

ii) If I sleep out again should I, as one blogger said '[i]Carry on like nothing happened[/i]'   ???

Or, quoting another '[i]After an oversleep dont sleep all that day and cut your core to half to force your body to access REM quicker so your body doesnt relax into monophasic patterns again putting you back at day 1 in terms of adjustment[/i]'   ???

I tried  napping at 12:00, fine waste of time, skipped 18:00 and I'll take my 3hrs tonight and hope for the best.

All and any input much appreciated- thanks for taking the time,

If anyone is interested here is my blog- I'd love a few comments to get it going :)

peace love and vegetables

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