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Jan 4, 2017, 4:28:48 PM1/4/17
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Hi, group!  Just an update for you on the state of various resources that exist for polyphasic sleepers:

1.  NEW!  There's a polyphasic Slack channel, so that we can chat, share info, and help each other out!  I moderate it and am there regularly; it's up over 100 members now and is a great place to go for advice, assistance, or just to hang out with really cool people.  :)  You can join the Slack channel by going to this link: https://ubersleepchat.herokuapp.com/

2.  There's still a ton of information on my blog, which has a bunch of everything, and at the Polyphasic Sleep Information Portal, which organizes the major stuff.

3.  The Wikipedia "polyphasic sleep" article is still quite good.  Stampi's book "Why We Nap" still has some great, if old, scientific information on polyphasic sleep.  Other sites, such as Polyphasic Society, which used to be about information and/or discussion, are now either selling products (none of which I have reason to recommend), or gone.  There's also been a rash of articles lately that I don't think much of the quality of -- sorry, guys.  :P

4.  Please, for the love of all gods, stay away from the Reddit /r/polyphasic page...it's kind of a nightmare of misinformation, and is lead by a really cult-of-personality-obsessed person with a really poor grip on reality.  It's too bad, but it happens (especially on Reddit).

Happy napping, everyone!!

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