apprentice sought for BSA engine rebuild job. . .

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Nov 13, 2007, 12:29:55 PM11/13/07
to Philly Vintage Motorcyclists - PhillyVinMoto
Apprentice needed

I'm going to be doing a full rebuild on a 1965 A65L motor in the
coming weeks and am looking to find someone who would be interesting
in serving as an apprentice/helper for the build.

Duties would include:

- parts washing
- recording measurements
- offering opinions on best way to do things
- cleaning up shop after each session (I help too)

Things you could learn:

- parts inspection and assessment
- assembly and setup techniques
- precision measurement
- determining and setting tolerances and fits
- general combustion engine concepts including valve timing & setup,
ignitions, power transmission, lubrication systems, metal surfaces &
- BSA-specific engine concepts
- minor machining and fabrication on lathe and milling machine
(spacers, replacement studs, threading, collars, etc)
- tool making where special tools are required and I don't have them
- problem solving and determining the feasibility of planned
compromises/fixes (there are always some no matter how particular you

What I get out of it:

- harder to procrastinate since we'll have scheduled sessions
- spend less time cleaning parts and more time addressing important
- having a second set of eyes, set of hands, and opinion reduces
mistakes and helps me improve
- job is done quicker overall
- teaching others helps solidify my understanding

This bike is a BONE STOCK '65 A65 Lightning in excellent shape. I've
had the bike for about 5 years. The crankcases are broken right behind
the transmission sprocket. I have a another set of cases which will
need to be cleaned, blasted, and inspected thoroughly. I intend to
build up this motor using all the acceptable parts from the original

This project will run from engine removal, through a full blueprinted
rebuild, to engine installation and final tuning.

I prefer to have someone with some bike/mechanical experience but a
careful and dedicated person with less experience might work in the
right circumstances. I'm ready to start immediately and believe with
two sessions per week we can be done in a month or so depending on
what we find in there. My shop space is located in Fishtown, at
Liberty Vintage (Adam's place). Environment will be easy-going, but
there'll be more taking care of business than fucking around. Good
music, always. No beer until cleanup. Ever.

You can see examples of some of my other engine builds here:

panhead engine (lower):
panhead engine (upper):
triumph unit twin:
(eight part series)

Send me an email with your availability if interested.

Jason McElroy

Nov 18, 2007, 7:49:48 AM11/18/07
to Philly Vintage Motorcyclists - PhillyVinMoto
Jason,from what I saw in your shop,your article on the Triumph
rebuild,meeting you in person I wouldn't mind being your appentice!
(LOL)'re doing a super job!....Skip


Nov 25, 2007, 9:59:46 AM11/25/07
to Philly Vintage Motorcyclists - PhillyVinMoto
On Nov 18, 7:49 am, wrote:
> Jason,from what I saw in your shop,your article on the Triumph
> rebuild,meeting you in person I wouldn't mind being your appentice!
> (LOL)'re doing a super job!....Skip

Thanks Skip.

I've had the new apprentice up twice now. He's a little green, but
works hard and is punctual. He drives up from Annapolis, MD, so I KNOW
he's committed.

More progress yesterday:

- transmission is the nicest most perfect thing I've ever seen. Not
even a chip or scratch anywhere. Even the bearings are like new
- crank journals are good. sludge trap was clean
- no stripped threads in case (old ones or new ones)
- whole left side of right case around main drive gear bearing and
countershaft (layshaft for the oddball brit-talkers here) bearing
bosses was BROKEN AWAY

Next up is inspection, case prep.

I can't wait to ride it again!


Skip Chernoff

Nov 25, 2007, 5:40:03 PM11/25/07

Thanks for the update.Seems like your "Apprentice" is working out.PLease keep me posted on your progress and send me some photos if you like.......Skip
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