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Fabrice Marguerie

Jun 14, 2007, 8:45:10 PM6/14/07
to PageMethods
Due to a serious limitation in Google Groups that prevents new posts
to discussions after 30 days, here is the follow-up to the discussion
started by Michael Wolfenden here:



Sorry for not getting back to you earlier on this!
I'm afraid I can't help you directly on this. Here are some things you
can try:

1) If you have some kind of a particular project (database project?
test project?) in your solution, you may try to temporarily remove it
from the solution to see if it's related to it. If you look at the
output window, you should see what PageMethods is doing. At some point
the add-in writes something like 'Processing "SomeProject"'. This
should help you to define the project PageMethods chokes on.
2) You can open the PageMethods solution in Visual Studio, and debug
the add-in by running another instance of Visual Studio with
PageMethods activated and attaching the first instance to the second
one in order to debug the add-in. This can also be achieved by running
the add-in in debug mode, as soon as devenv.exe is specified as the
program to run.
3) You can recompile the PageMethods add-in and add a try..catch block
around the code where the exception is raised. This is in Addin
\Processor.cs, line 395: foreach (CodeElement element in
codeModel.CodeElements) ProcessCodeElement(element, url);
Apparently the CodeElements property can't be accessed for one of your

If you are still investigating this and find a solution, please share
it with us here.
It's too bad Visual Studio makes it difficult like this. Who doesn't
hate COM and its very informative "Catastrophic failure"s?!


Fabrice Marguerie

Jun 25, 2007, 9:53:19 AM6/25/07
to PageMethods
In fact, I'm now having the same problem on my machine at the moment.
It's happening on a web site. I have yet to investigate what the
problem is.
I highly recommend using "Web Application Projects" (File | New |
Project... | ASP.NET Web Application) instead of "Web Sites" (File |
New | Web Site...). The Web Site model does not work well at all and
should be avoided unless absolutely required.
The problem does not exist with web applications.

Fabrice Marguerie

Jun 25, 2007, 5:00:32 PM6/25/07
to PageMethods
This problem was resolved for me after restarting Visual Studio. It
really looks like a VS bug.
One thing that may help with VS 2005's Web Sites is to use
<compilation debug="false"> instead of <compilation debug="true"> in

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