UnauthorizedAccessException with pagelist.xml file that is excluded from source control

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David Gardiner

Jul 9, 2006, 11:11:45 PM7/9/06
to PageMethods
We've got a web app project that is checked in to Team Foundation

We were getting a bit annoyed at having the pagelist.xml file needing
to be checked out by each developer when they wanted to rebuild the
solution, so I excluded that file from source control.

This all worked fine for me, but I've just discovered that the other
team members were getting an "UnauthorizedAccessException" from
PageMethods when they were trying to build the project.

There are no weird permissions on the pagelist.xml file so this is
quite odd.

Putting the file back under source control make this problem go away,
but it would be nice to get this working properly.


Fabrice Marguerie

Jul 18, 2006, 11:19:35 AM7/18/06
to PageMethods
I'm still searching for a solution to avoid the contention problems
with the PageList.xml file, as it makes things difficult for team

I don't know how Team Foundation Server works, but maybe that while
there nothing special on the file (no read-only attribute set?), there
is something on the folder instead.
What PageMethods needs is:
1) the permission to create the file
2) the permission to write to the file

This information does not provide a solution to your problem in any
way, sorry. I'm seeking a global solution to the contention problem.
However, if you have more details about your specific case, I'm willing
to help you and provide a fix!


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