PageMethods with Subversion and Cruisecontrol

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Aug 31, 2006, 1:38:54 PM8/31/06
to PageMethods
Has anybody dealt with PageMethods on a Continuous Integration project
using non-MS tools? It doesn't seem that the PageList.xml and
PageList.xml.cs files can get generated from the command line compile
(as PM is a VS add-in) and having those files in source control causes
constant conflicts and updates. Has anyone found a good solution for
this, or is everyone using MSBuild, etc?

Fabrice Marguerie

Sep 6, 2006, 8:07:07 AM9/6/06
to PageMethods
Hi MadScene,

As you write, PM is a Visual Studio add-in only for the moment. This
means that it cannot work outside of Visual Studio. This is due to the
fact that it relies on the object model exposed by VS to collect the
page methods defined in your code.
I'm well aware of this limitation, and I'm currently thinking on how
PageMethods could be made standalone, and become available as a command
line tool. This will require removing the dependency on the VS code
model and using a custom C# (or VB.NET) parser instead. This change
will require some time. Stay tuned...


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