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Jul 24, 2012, 11:36:08 AM7/24/12
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Recently started trying to use PDF::Reuse - and was successful using it with ond pdf file as a template, but when I attemp to use a different one I get the error -
   Didn't find Pages in "my directory/my-filename . pdf - aborting.
   see error log for more info.
The error log lists a bunch of output which I can place here if people think that will help (something about autosplit and getPage  Reuse.pm line 613...)
The file comes up in internet explorer just fine as 8.5 by 11 inch 1 page file.  My other file was post card size and worked fine.  In am just doing a prFile to set my output file and then a prForm to use the file as a template.  Dont understand whats wrong here. Permission etc on both files are the same.
Any one seen this kind of error before and know what is happening?
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