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David Regier

Apr 9, 2018, 1:28:04 PM4/9/18
to Patrick Krawec, Chris Leif,,, Greg Allan, Jan Senyshyn, Aaron Macrejko
The interim report needs to be done today! Christian from DMSMCA sent me and Pat a note indicating he needs everything for his records by tomorrow. I didn't bother passing it on because I thought Pat was doing the report.

Can whoever volunteered to do the report please reply all so we know you've read this and will have it submitted by tonight or tomorrow morning at absolute latest? If you need any assistance I can help out.



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On Apr 8, 2018, at 9:10 AM, Patrick Krawec <> wrote:

Hello there Cagers,
Happy Sunday.

I had a wonderful time fixing my bike at the Cage on Saturday. Such a lovely scene.
This is a follow up email to discussions we had that day re: 1) DSMSCA grant 2) General Wolfe, WRENCH, Cage partnership for programming.

1)Attached is  the penultimate draft of the Cage's "Community Options for Active transportation" interim report for the DMSMCA.

The parts of the document in RED needs to be filled out before it can be submitted.
The information is mostly metrics #s.
I have given the numbers for the Cycle of Giving add the Cage drop-in numbers.
If people have any good participant quotes or  short heart warming stories of their experience from October till now, please insert in the qualitative section of the metrics.

The other RED info is financial. Inset the dollar amounts you have submitted already. I didn't want to contradict what you had already reported.

NOTE: I don't remember who kindly stepped up and volunteered to finish and submit the report but I recall someone did.

2) WRENCH/G Wolfe programming at the Cage will not be running this spring. Thanks to all you all for enthusiastically embracing the  idea of  helping their students get peddle empowered. If anyone is interested in helping out G Wolfe on a purely volunteer basis please contact me and I can connect you with the school staff.

Please let me know if you require further information on either of the above.

Thanks for being the awesome yous you are,

From: Chris Leif <>
Sent: April 5, 2018 4:11 PM
To: Aaron M
Cc: DaveR; Jan S; Greg Allan; Pat K; Christian
Subject: Re: Meeting for the Orioles Bicycle Collective
re. Monthly meeting for Orioles Bike Cage, central committee, April 3  -2018

I took mtg minutes Tuesday evening.  Image of notes attached.
Extra bits of info from the meeting:

(((a)))  with agenda item #5,  Nicole  represents is social service agency for newcomer youth.  ° ° ° ° N.e.e.d.s. Inc. is acronym for newcomers employment and education development services. 

(((b))) item # 1 on agenda has my name for action. Later, Patrice_wrench joined meeting, and he agreed to take the task of writing report. 

(((c)))  Agenda item # 3 &  6 are events that occur same date, May 5, Saturday. eg. day of the huge bike bazaar with "pop up flea market" bike sale, and etc.  ~ some overlaps of people resources: Aaron & Chris. However, this will not present a problem. Moreover, an opportunity presents itself: promotion, etc.

{{{d}}}  a poster is at bike cage for April 7 event this Saturday afternoon;  this  year's premier alley cat.

{{{e}}}   #diversity initiative is rolling out.  I mean, has rolled out a fortnight ago.  milestones reached two weeks in a row.
   ° ° ° °  At April meeting one year ago, goal set as priority for bike cage.

{{{f}}}  tip-of-the-hat to Christian_c at our DMSMCA office. Ahead of bike cage open hour Tuesday, he shared use of their office microwave. Thereby facilitating the heating of snacks for our kickoff event. With the Tuesday open shop days in April, we rolledout *second* annual "spring welcome back volunteers".  Featuring hot snacks for returnée and new cage volunteers. Bike cage microwave we used last year not working this April :/

{{{{g}}}  link to our  page /domain. Anyone else notice a problem?    registration expired with our domain name.?
The other/longer link still resolves:

On Tue, Apr 3, 2018, 10:27 Aaron Maciejko <> wrote:

this is the agenda so far:

1) DMSMCA Grant final report
2) New tools review
3) Bike Bazaar May 5, 2018?
4) General Wolfe
5) Greenway School
6) other items?

Regrets: Dave R.

<Small Grant Final Report Template Orioles.docx>

Greg Allan

Apr 10, 2018, 8:43:26 PM4/10/18
to David Regier, Patrick Krawec, Chris Leif,,, Jan Senyshyn, Aaron Macrejko
I wrote a report and dropped it in their mailbox on the weekend. Christian got back to me and said it was perfect and everything he needed. He said he would supplement my report with anything Pat added. it's all good.


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David Regier

Apr 10, 2018, 9:44:25 PM4/10/18
to Greg Allan, Patrick Krawec, Chris Leif,,, Jan Senyshyn, Aaron Macrejko
That's a relief. I think a few of us were sweating about this one. Thanks to Chris who was scrambling to get all the numbers and stuff last minute. Is Chris still going to have to submit his version of the report??


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Greg Allan

Apr 10, 2018, 9:55:45 PM4/10/18
to David Regier, Patrick Krawec, Chris Leif,,, Jan Senyshyn, Aaron Macrejko
As far as I can tell, it's too late now, but Christian said everything that I had put into my report was documentation enough. Where numbers were needed, I stated "refer to X document" which was for attendance and other income.

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