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Alexander Riley

Aug 18, 2020, 6:29:36 PM8/18/20
to ORA Google Group
Hello all,

My name is Alec Riley and I'm a research assistant for Dr. Alison Culyba at the University of Pittsburgh's Department of Pediatrics.  I'm helping her with the tail-end of one of her projects that utilizes social network analysis and ORA and it's geared toward understanding the mediating role of interpersonal relationships and violence exposure.  We surveyed a little over 100 youth participants.  From there, we reached out to and subsequently surveyed about ~40 adult participants.  The adult participants were all alters that the youth had listed in the surveys that were administered.  We're at the stage now of attempting to create the ego-alter networks for the adult participants and I'm having some trouble.  I'm not exactly sure where the problem lies, but the main issue that's presenting is that the adult participant, who is the ego for the network, is not showing any linkages to their alters.  The adult ego is showing up in the visualization, but they aren't connected to their alters.  
The adults completed a similar survey that the youth completed, but the variables were not exactly the same.  Similar to the youth, after the adults completed their surveys, their data was exported from egoweb 2.0 into CSV files.  From there, we ran a STATA do file to prepare the CSV files for ORA upload.  My best guess at this point is that the problem is somewhere among the XML ego-alter and/or alter pair configuration file that is loaded into ORA or possibly within the formatting of the CSV files that are uploaded into ORA.  

Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to lend a hand!  

Jeff Reminga

Aug 24, 2020, 12:01:13 PM8/24/20
Hi Riley,

I would be happy to help. Would you by chance be able to share the one or more CSV files that you use to create a single meta-network?
Also please describe what you expect the meta-network to contain.
I will then be able to assist you in the best way to import them with linkages.
ORA Developer

Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems (CASOS)
The Institute for Software Research, Department of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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Alexander Riley

Aug 25, 2020, 11:33:24 AM8/25/20
Hi Jeff,

Thanks so much for the reply!  Due to the privacy of the data, I wonder if we could perhaps meet via Zoom to engage in more active screen sharing to walk through this.  If that's too heavy of a lift, I want to be totally mindful of that and not ask too much of your time.  Really whatever would work best for you.  


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