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Dear Relatives,


Many beautiful preparations are occurring for the Spirit Ride on October 20 – 22 at the Spirit Dancer Ranch.  Peter Catches, Zinkala Oyate will be here to lead the ceremony and offer lectures around this time as well.  Ty Worsham, Wicasa Cante Taninyan Mani will be here as well.   Friday, October 20, will be a very important preparation and work day on the land.  There will be sweat lodges both Saturday and Sunday evenings.  The event is from sunrise to sunset.  Here are some important things you'll need for the ceremony:


1. Clothing: Be prepared for warm and cold weather. Please wear close-toed shoes and bring layers of warm clothes and a hat for shade.


2. Wood: Please bring 2 full bundles of firewood


3. Chairs: Lawn chairs, folding chairs, chairs in a bag, etc.


4. If you are planning on camping out: Sleeping bags, blankets, tents


5. Food: Please bring a prepared dish to share (enough to serve 8-12 people) We will be preparing, serving, and eating outdoors. We request that you provide your own eating utensils.

** If you have a special diet, you will need to bring your dish prepared and labeled with special instructions.


FOOD NEEDED:   (Categories sorted by last name)


A-D: Water, Soda, Juice

E-H:  Salads, Fruit, Cut Veggies

I-L:  Desserts

M-P:  Hot Dogs/Hamburger buns, bread, rolls

Q-V: Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Veggie burgers, Chicken, Sausage, Bacon

W-Z:  Snack foods, Chips, Dips, Crackers


**Main dishes such as Lasagna, Tamales, Enchiladas are definitely welcome.

**BBQ Grills will be provided



  • We need volunteers to help set up on Friday October 20th 9:00am - 5:00pm (Call Manny for details.)
  • Weed Whackers for Friday
  • Firewood
  • Medium and Large Cooler
  • Lots of Ice (2 bags per person)
  • XL Trash bags and disposable trash bins
  • Paper towels and Toilet Paper
  • Large coffee maker and coffee
  • Large pots/pans, cooking utensils, cutting knives, cutting boards (Call Manny if providing)
  • Large folding tables

** If you are unable to attend and would like to provide any of the above items or make a donation, please contact Manny or Christine


** For Artists and Craftsman that would like to trade or sell jewelry or crafts, please contact Manny or Christine for details. 


Thank you in advance for your support!!




Christine Stevens


(310) 770-3398


Manny "Council Pipe" Sandoval

(818) 357-6699



We still need helpers and leaders in the following service areas.  Please email if you feel called in any of these areas. 


Elder Care Coordinator

Horse Chief and Horse Painting Coordinator

Food/Kitchen Coordinator

Clean Up Kitchen Coordinator

Clean Up Camp Coordinator

Fire Tender
Wood Cutter Coordinator

Site Coordinator

Parking/Security – make signs to drive 5 MPH and slow down as arriving.

Safety/First Aid

Kids Care/Games – David

Tipi Chief


Spirit Ride Ceremony

Honoring the Sacred hoop
Image Preview

October 21 – 22, 2005 ~ Sunrise – Sundown
Sweat Lodge each evening

Spirit Dancer Ranch, 6397 Gabbert Rd. Moorpark, CA. 93021
118 to New Los Angeles exit. Bear to right.  Continue 2 miles/ 7 stop lights, Turn right on Gabbert Rd. Bear to left.
Go over RR Track.  Continue 1 mile to Spirit Dancer Ranch. 
SLOW DOWN.  10 MPH.  Continue dirt road.   

Led by 38th generation Lakota medicine man Peter Catches (Zintkala Oyate)

Bring a dish.  Call to volunteer and support.

Manny Council Pipe Sandoval818-892-8065

Christine Stevens310-770-3398  chri...@ubdrumcircles.com





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