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Chuck Shepherd

Jun 4, 2017, 9:18:16 AM6/4/17
Dear Weirdettes and Weirdbros,
I am retiring very soon from News of the Weird and Weird Universe.
My final weekly NotW column (my 1,534th) will be posted on July 2nd,
ending 29-plus years in the saddle (28 of them as distributed by
Universal Press Syndicate, now known as Universal UClick).  (I don't
know what Universal's plans are for the column, and I am not part of that
discussion.)  The reason for retiring is that I am simply exhausted, i.e.,
so many stories to process, slower-firing synapses with which to process
them.  In fact, my synapses don't so much "fire" these days as they kinda
"lurch."  I know that some of you (because you're kind) will be moved to
shout out a few nice words to me, but, as I say, I am exhausted and thus
may not (or may) respond.  Just let me say that I will forever and ever be
so very grateful to readers (and editors) for allowing me this gig.  Y'all
take care of yourselves.
Unsentimentally Yours,
Chuck Shepherd
WeirdNews at Earthlink dot net (until Dec 2017) / P. O. Box 18737,
Tampa FL 33679 (permanent)

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