Damaged Disks and no closed captions

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Apr 22, 2010, 8:43:26 PM4/22/10
to Netflix Complaints
I sent the following letter to Netflix along with the return envelope
of yet another damaged disk.

April 22 2010

To The A Team At Netflix

The plan I have is for 5 videos , But with the miserable job you guys
do in keeping the disks clean or getting rid of the broken ones, I
figure I actually have a plan of 3 and half to 4 disks. If others
have the same problem with bad disks as I do and they are on a 3 disk
plan than they must be getting a bit furious by now. The only reason
I tolerate your poor service and awful quality control is because you
offer Instant Watch (but it does not have closed captions so we miss
about half of what is said).

At some point some company will jump in and provide a good Instant
Watch service with Closed Captions. My guess is that Google will
eventually offer a good service for instant watch with closed
captions, Hulu offers it now as does some youtube video .When that
happens I will gladly drop Netflix.. When this happens I will then
rent videos from the local Hastings to watch recent releases.

Well at least I have a plan to put in place. I suspect the A team at
Netflix does not have a clue about quality control or what happens
when customers get really irate.

Forever Miserable With Netflix

Nevyn Campanella

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