How To Put Netflix Out of Business

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Oct 26, 2008, 9:50:30 AM10/26/08
to Netflix Complaints
The biggest complaint I hear about Netflix regards throttling, where
Netflix slows down their turnaround time to prevent you from renting
too many movies per month. Here's how we can put Netflix out of
business, or at least get them to make some changes. It has been
documented that Netflix loses money on customers that spend less than
$2 per rental. So, choose the 2 at-a-time plan, for $14 month; that
way, you're minimizing the amount of revenue you're giving to
Netflix. Then, watch and return the movies as soon as possible.
Netflix can only throttle movies so much. Even if they take a very
slow 4 days to process every one of your returns, which is unlikely,
you would still receive up to 28 movies per month. (Of course, it
usually would take a day to get around to watching each movie, and
weekends/holidays will affect turnaround time. Still, an average of 4
days is pretty generous amount of time if you watch and return the
movies promply). Assuming it takes them $2/movie to break even, and
you're only giving them $14/month, they'd be losing $42/month on you
alone. Imagine if a lot of people did this.
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