Netflix Dumped Me

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Oct 5, 2009, 12:34:09 PM10/5/09
to Netflix Complaints
I've been a Netflix member almost since the beginning. Over the past
few months I've repeatedly mailed disks that Netflix claimed they
never received. When I talked to customer service about this they
said I shouldn't use the mail table in my building (as if my neighbors
are stealing the disks). Unfortunately, I'm disabled, so making a
trip to a mailbox or post office is not a simple task, and one I
usually avoid. Subsequently I had some more disks "go missing" and
NetFlix wrote me saying they were closing my account and discontinuing
their business relationship with me.

I've written the Postmaster and informed him of the issue because I'm
not stealing the disks, and I tend to believe no one in my 10-unit
building would be stealing them. I'm going to write NetFlix with a
request for data regarding missing/lost disks for my zip code (in
Chicago, home of a long history of Postal Service malfeasance), and
for other zip codes in the US.

I'm very disappointed. I was a Netflix fan and a loyal customer who
recommended them to many friends. Now they're calling me a thief, and
unilaterally breaking our business relationship without even giving me
the opportunity to negotiate a settlement.
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