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Mississippi Mama

Feb 20, 2009, 3:12:03 PM2/20/09
to Netflix Complaints
I spent the summer 2008 in Italy and wanted to watch some movies in
English. I signed up for Netflix, entering my information as I was
instructed. Upon completion of my information, I was told that Netflix
doesn't stream outside of the US.

I assumed that, since the service wasn't available to me, the account
was cancelled. I never received a confirmation email from Netflix
saying that I had activated an account.

However, when I pulled out my bank statements (Feb 09) to look for
other information, I found a charge of $18.18 each month since July 08
(when I initiated the account that I never confirmed).

I called Netflix and spoke with Lucas, who informed me that he could
only reimburse me for one month, even though it was clear that I had
never ordered/received a single movie. I asked to speak to a

I was then forwarded to Justin, Lucas' supervisor, who informed me of
the same information. I told Justin that Netflix had taken well over
$100 from my account with no confirmation from me, that it was obvious
that I had never even used the account. He said he could only
reimburse me for one month ($18.18). I told Justin that I may as well
have flushed a $100 bill down the toilet for the service that I
received from them. In addition, Netflix NEVER contacted me via email
or phone, but they greedily snatched money from my account for NOTHING
each month. Justin's reply was that I must've entered my email address
wrong--nonetheless, I STILL never confirmed the account (especially if
I entered the email address wrong).

Beware of Netflix. They're thieves and crooks and won't stop at
anything to make a dollar. Watch your bank accounts with them, folks.
As a matter-of-fact, go and check your statements. I wouldn't be
surprised if they "upgraded" your account without your permission
since they already have access to your bank account.

This is the cancellation notice that I received from Netflix at the
CORRECT email address after they had accused me of entering the wrong
address in the first place...

Hi (Mississippi Mama),

Thank you for contacting customer support.

I'm writing you to confirm that we did cancel your account effective
today, 02/20/09. We have also credited back the most recent charge on
your account.

Our Customer Service representatives are available at 888-638-3549.
You may also visit our online Help Center at
where you can review a wide range of commonly asked questions and take
actions to update your account or report an issue.Thanks,
Netflix Customer Service
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