Netflix Illegal Practices

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Minverva from LA

Feb 6, 2011, 6:48:58 PM2/6/11
to Netflix Complaints
I used my son's Netflix account on his PC to test the service out
before joining. Viewing movies online is an attractive alternative to
movie theatres or DVD rentals. Here is how they are ripping us off
and an area that needs legislation.

You type in a movie name. Sometimes you get lucky and can watch that
movie, no problem.
After a few days of occasional movie watching, you start getting
Upgrade messages.
The movie you selected is only viewable if you upgrade to $2 more per
month. Really?
I would believe that for a new film, but some of these movies like The
Parent Trap 1 and 2 were released in 1961 & 1998 respectively. One is
40 yrs old, and the other is 12 yrs old. So why do I have to pay a
premium to watch these old flicks?

This technique of CRM or Customer Relationship Mgmt is simply an
illusion to make you think that most of the movies you select are
'premium' movies. What makes a movie 'premium' material, you ask?
There is no answer to that. Strangely, most of the movies I selected
were now being offered only if I upgraded. Some old Masterpiece
Theatre films of Agatha Christie, Inspector Lewis season 1 which aired
in 2007, etc, etc.

It has nothing to do with the movie being an upgrade. It has
everything to do with the fact that you are now targeted to be
'upgraded' whether you like it or not. Everything you select (Netflix
now knows your pattern of selection and personal taste - this is CRM
spyware) requires an upgrade.

This would technically be discrimination. Because if the same movie
was not an upgrade with another customer, why would it be with me? I
have been singled out to pay more for a particular title than someone

I urge you to conduct an experiment, where you and some friends type
out the same movie titles and screen print the results you see. These
screen prints should all be the same. If not, you are the target of
discriminatory practices, It this can be proved, you also have 'bait
and switch' in the bag.

Please people, do your bit to keep companies honest. Phone companies
and online streaming companies are ripping us blind because
legislation has not caught up with them. Why should we pay them a
penny more? Its a rip-off. Expose them!

Thank you all!
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