I'm not paying for bad disks!

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Jul 13, 2009, 11:33:00 AM7/13/09
to Netflix Complaints
I was enjoying Netflix for several months, one disk at a time and then
went to 2 disks. One of the movies froze and skipped, so I sent it
back and ordered the same movie (I even left a note inside the
envelope telling them at what point in the movie it froze.)

I then discovered that the second movie was credited as a NEW movie
and I had to pay for renting it! I called and spoke with a
representative (NO EASY TASK THERE) who said they had changed their
policy because people were saying they were getting bad disks then
ordering another movie for free.

I told him I wasn't ordering ANOTHER movie, but a copy of the one they
sent me that was bad. He said it didn't matter, he could do nothing
about that. I told him if I were trying to scam Netflix, I wouldn't be
dumb enough to order the same movie twice!! Why would I send back a
bad movie and reorder it as some sort of "taking advantage of

He said nothing could be done about it, so I told him if that was the
case, I'd be closing my account at the end of my payment month. In the
meanwhile, two more movies arrived that wound up being bad disks that
skipped and froze in places.

It seems the larger companies get, the less concern they have for the
customers who got them there!

I closed my account on the 9th of this month, and unless they change
their stupid policy, I won't be back!

Mickey "Daddy" Ray
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