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Dec 22, 2008, 5:17:06 PM12/22/08
to Netflix Complaints
I had problems with Netflix "throttling" my rentals, even though they
were making far more than $2 per movie on me, so I put my subscription
on what I thought was cancel, but turned out to be a hold. When it
automatically reactivated (without warning!) it charged my card,
overdrew my bank account, and sent movies to an address at which I no
longer live!!! ACK, right???

Well, I called customer service, didn't wait more than 3 minutes to
talk to a human, had the whole charge lifted and wasn't responsible
for whatever they shipped to my old address! Problem solved, in one
phone call! The lady even said it was "easy to get confused between
hold and cancel" (I had) and treated me quite respectfully; it's so
unusual for a 20 something to get respect, that I had to post here.

I won't go back to Netflix, but I'm glad they solved their problem.
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