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May 21, 2009, 10:40:38 AM5/21/09
to Nellie's English Projects

The WiZiQ public lesson is scheduled for May 29th at 10 AM EST.

To attend the class open this web site:
and click with your mouse on Launch Class button.
If you are not a member of you will need to sign up - it
is free and easy and useful.

In this lesson, you will learn how to use Blended Learning: WiZiQ
lessons + Language Bridge patented software to learn English 4 times

Spend the major portion of the time talking in the English language
using the patented Language Bridge method that restores the innate
ability to acquire a foreign language and turns every adult into a
language prodigy. Instead of consecutive repetition use simultaneous
repetition, to ensure turning off cross-translation and the formation
of an English language speech center in the brain.

The self-study Language Bridge software, which you can order online at, allows you to use it for online and offline
studies. The latter is made possible by printing all the texts and
drills and transferring the mp3 audio files to any mp3 device or phone
so that the option of working offline is very real for those who want
to add additional time and efforts to ensure fast progress in
acquiring English.

You will receive free guidance on how to use LB software online & off-
line. Quantitative testing software is a free gift to you. You will
receive free monthly evaluation of your self-testing results.
Learning 6-8 hours a week ensures excellent speaking, listening &
writing skills in 8-10 months of blended learning.
Please download an Adobe Flash Player to watch the following video:

While watching the video, please, use headphones and repeat the text
simultaneously with the speaker with a delay of one or two words. Do
it a few times and you will understand why the consecutive and
simultaneous repetitions have different mechanisms.

The LB software is localized for Chinese, Spanish and Russian
speakers. Adult learners who have other native languages may use the
Generic version of LB software that is specially designed only in
English and has a lot of graphic illustrations and a link to online
dictionaries for all other languages of the world. During our public
class we will discuss all versions of LB software in some details. We
will briefly discuss how to select the proper LB software and how to
work on the lessons and drills.

We invite both the students of English and teachers who might benefit
from blended learning using LB software for self-study and WiZiQ
public lessons that will augment your success in acquiring fluency in
English language further.

For teachers we offer free support in retraining and becoming LB-
licensed teachers to utilize LB method in their professional
experience. To make this transition to Language Bridge method even
more attractive we offer additional incentive in the form of 20% cash
back for every LB software acquired by their students.

Arkady Zilberman will conduct the presentation with Nellie Deutsch.
Dr. Zilberman has developed and patented Language Bridge method of
learning a foreign language that is more effective than the leading
methods of learning English, such as Rosetta Stone, Berlitz or
Pimsleur. With Language Bridge, students reach the same level of
fluency as those who spend four times as long learning through a
conventional language program. Language Bridge teaches phrases through
a no-grammar, no-memorization approach that can turn any adult into a
language prodigy.

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