Is your dog or cat fat?

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Bill - Your Neighborhood Pet Pro

Dec 22, 2010, 12:51:30 PM12/22/10
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Is your dog or cat fat?
There are many great low calorie foods that will help your pet lose weight.  Science Diet is the only food that can actually call themselves a "light" food and put that label on their bag.  Other foods have to use lite, less, active, reduced calorie.  Some companies might use the "light" label on their websites, but that is because the AAFCO rules that apply to food do not extend to websites.  Be very careful about the information you take from the Web.  Companies can misrepresent their products on their own website, and they also have employees that post misleading information on internet forums. 

I know some people are hung up on corn right now, but keep in mind - corn has an excellent amino acid profile.  And if you use a high quality corn meal, only 3% of dog have allergies to corn.  More dogs are allergic to meat than corn.  Also, some people think dogs in the wild don't eat veggies.  Don't fall for the hype.  We don't have wild dogs.  Humans used to eat a much different diet than we do today - we also didn't live as long.  The same is true for dogs.  We have improved the overall quality and length of our pets live by feeding high quality prepared diets. 

Also, Science Diet employs more vets and animal nutritionists than any other company.  There is not some corporate suit building the ingredient list for you food, but people who have made a life learning about what is best for your pet.  Hills uses ingredients that have proven to be beneficial in wellness foods and for the prevention of  certain diseases, and obesity is one of them. Hills also has over 50 years of veterinary research behind what it makes and sells.

With Science Diet, you will probably feed less than you would with your current food.  This will reduce the cost of feeding.  If 10# will last you one month now, 5# of a better food might last you the same month.  If your pet is overweight it is important to measure out their food.  Feed twice a day.  You can also buy an automatic portion control feeder to automatically dispense the food. 

Be careful with snacks and table scraps.  You can quickly add too many calories to the diet and blow the whole plan.  We do have low calorie treats so you can still show them some love while maintaining the weight loss goal.  Also, just give them half.  Cut the treats in half, or give them half as many.  That will help reduce calories too.

We do offer a 100% money back guarantee on our food.  If for any reason you are unhappy we will refund your money. We also offer a food loyality program for all our foods.  Buy 10 bags from us and we'll give you a free bag.  We hope you make us ;your shipping choice.

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