Storm Stress

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Bill C.

Aug 9, 2010, 6:59:54 PM8/9/10
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Storm Stress?

One major problem many dog owners have is storm stress. When it
starts thundering, the dog starts whining - or worse. My brother has
a dog that starts getting real nervous well before the storm actually
hits. You have to be home with him or he will scratch the door until
his nails bleed.

We have two products that can help with this. One is a homeopathic
remedy call Storm Stress and one is a pheromone product called Comfort

Storm Stress is a safe effective remedy that promotes calm in pets
exhibiting fear from thunderstorms, fireworks, and other loud
noises. You can re-dose every 15 minutes up to 4 doses. This is a
very fast acting product with a short window of effectiveness. I gave
this product to my brother's dog and it worked very well very
quickly. We did take advantage of the 15 re-dose as we could see some
anxiety set in after 15 minutes.

The Comfort Zone product works like magic. It comes in a spray that
you would use in a crate for traveling or at home and also a plug in
that would fill a room with pheromones. It covers a wide variety of
anxious behaviors that we would like our dogs to stop. This would
cover chewing, scratching, peeing, and barking when left alone. It
helps calm dogs by mimicking a natural pheromone that mothers secrete
to reassure puppies that they are in safe surroundings. By re-
creating this pheromone we help dogs feel comfortable and reassured in
their environment. We've had lots of very positive response to this

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