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North Irvine WPC

Dec 22, 2019, 4:54:01 PM12/22/19
to North Irvine WPC, Nestor Nunez, Chelsea Harrod, Thomas Chiaromonte, Jake Snyder, Jake Simmons, Marc Umeda, aidanh...@gmail.com, Jacob Markle, lelan...@gmail.com
Hi NIWPC Families, 

Happy Holidays!  

First order of business 

Our team name
We will be going back to our original name of NORTH IRVINE WATER POLO CLUB.  That’s what we are registered as with USA Water Polo.  We will no longer be using the name Northwood, I feel it is not representative of the direction our club is going.

We will be transitioning into our new shield and logo throughout the next few months.  Our new team colors are Black (OLu & Portola HS) , White (Northwood HS), and Red (OLu).  You can still wear your Northwood gear until you are ready to purchase the new gear.  We are an open to the public club.  

Splash Ball - Coach Jeffrey Wheeler
10U Coed - Coach Jacob Markle
12U Girls - Coach Chelsea Harrod/Assistant Coach Thomas Chiromonte
12U Boys - Coach Tim Renden/Assistant Coach Thomas Chiromonte
14U Girls - Coach Chelsea Harrod/Assistant Coach Marc Umeda
14U Boys - Coach Ed Carrera/Assistant Coach Aidan Oneill
16U Girls - In Season
16U Boys - Coach Jake Snyder
18U Girls - In Season
18U Boys - Nestor Nunez
Jake Simmons - Goalie Coach

Administration changes and protocol

The Northwoodwaterpoloclub.com website will no longer be active, all your billing and contact information will be deleted.  As of 12/31/19 all athletes boys and girls will need to RE- Register for the club at www.niwpc.com (18u, 16u,14u, 12,u, 10u, and splash ball).  

Please review the information on the website before registering.  When you are ready to register follow these easy steps:

2.  Go to “online registration “
3.  “Continue or Check Status”
4.  “Create new account”  The account is for YOU the parent NOT YOUR ATHLETE
5.  Be detailed with all your info 
6.  Proceed to check out
7.  You must see the “success” page at the end of registration.

You will be receiving emails from NorthIr...@gmail.com via TeamUnify (web provider) the first emails may go into your junk mail.  The current google groups email will no longer be used.  If you do not register you will not receive emails.

After 1/1/20 (and every practice after) coaches will take attendance through our app.  If your athlete is not on the coaches attendance screen you may not enter the water.  No exceptions, obviously for liability reasons.  This goes for HS off season, age group, and splash ball (all locations).

Calendars (Practice Groups and Tournaments)
Practice Groups
In the past you have received weekly emails, that will end as of 1/1/20.  From here on out we will have calendars (www.niwpc.com) for each group.  We will try to keep as much consistency as possible but with the usage of pools we may have to make location/time changes.   If there is urgent communication that needs to go out, I will email you.  We will also be relying on twitter updates for immediate information 
(incase a pool goes down etc)…Link the twitter to your phone, just in case of emergencies.

Tournament participation
We have an attend & decline option (on the website) for tournaments on our website.  You will be receiving alerts on when to declare your intention to attend or decline tournaments.  Please note the tournaments that are currently listed are not the only ones offered.  We may add more in the near future (Cal Cup for example).

Thank you for your attention to these minor administration changes.  I want to make things as stream line as possible so we can all focus on the improvement of all our athletes.

Our new website is still being updated as is our team store.  

If you have any pictures please send them to northir...@gmail.com (high resolution preffered).  I don’t have any splashball, 10u, 12u pictures.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and let me know what you think of our new website!  Im sure the web designer would love feedback 😀

Thank you, 

Ed Carrera
Program Director
North Irvine WPC

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