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Jan 16, 2008, 6:19:29 PM1/16/08
to MyTrackSchedule.com
Welcome to the MyTrackSchedule.com group and mailing list!

This mailing list will not be used to constantly spam you with
unwanted notices or any thing like that. It is intended to be a
resource for you to communicate and discuss track event related issues
with other MyTrackSchedule.com users and enthusiasts (currently over
150 members). This group will become what ever you make of it. I
promise to try to weed out any unwanted spam and to keep site update
notices to a bare minimum (about once a quarter). I ask that you
please keep the emails and discussion on topic. Spammers will be
If you are not interested in being a part of this group, please scroll
down to the very bottom section of this email for directions on how to
unsubscribe. Please do not reply to the entire list asking to be
You can access the features of the mailing list on the web from
Google's Groups section:
You can also get there by clicking on the Forums tab on

That being said, I am pleased to announce that there have been several
improvements and updates to MyTrackSchedule.com. (Consider this the
1st quarter update.)

The big news is that there is already over 150 events in the 2008
schedule, with more events being added every day. The main Schedule
page can now be filtered by Region, State, Track, or Group to quickly
see a condensed list of events that you may be interested in.

The Advanced Search functionality has been greatly improved, allowing
you to quickly search for track events by date range, weekend/weekday
events, minimum days, price range, by race track, group, group type,
region, and even state, or any combination. You can even limit the
search to just advanced days, instructor days, and/or club races. You
can access the Advanced Search feature here:

Another feature that is getting a lot of use lately is the User
Groups. This feature allows users to create a group that their
friends can join. This is especially useful for message board members
to create their own User Group. It will the display a list of all the
events that the User Groups members are going to, and show who is
going to each event. This is a great way to see what track events
your friends are going to and help make the decision of which track
events you want to attend. You can see the list of User Groups by
clicking the User Group link at the bottom of each page.
The Duct Tape Motorsports User Group is a great example to see how the
User Groups feature is used and how useful it can be.
You can join a User Group by clicking on the name of the User Group to
view the User Group page, and then scrolling down below the list of
members and clicking the Join User Group button. If you do not see
your User Group, you can always add a new one and share it with your
friends so they can join. Just click the Add User Group button on the
User Group List page.

As always, if there is an Event, Track, or Group missing from
MyTrackSchedule.com, you can always add it from the following pages:
Items with asterisks (*) next to them are required information.
Please research and add as much information as you can.
MyTrackSchedule.com does not work without you, the users, sharing your
knowledge and adding new information to the site. This is what makes
MyTrackSchedule.com the most up to date and best tool to find track
events that fit your needs and help you plan out your track season
When adding a new event, you can make sure that it will show up right
away by making sure 'Approved' is checked at the very bottom of the
form before submitting the page.
You can always go back and update the events/groups/tracks that you
added. If you see something that is wrong or needs updating and you
cannot update it yourself, please email me at
Sc...@MyTrackSchedule.com or click on the Contact link at the bottom
of every page.

Thank you for your help in making MyTrackSchedule.com the best tool
for researching and finding track events in North America.


Scott Barton
MyTrackSchedule.com - Your key to more track events!
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