Mt. High Mid-week skiers

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Welcome to the Mid-Week Skiing Forum forum.  People in this group mainly want to ski mid-week art Mt. Hood Meadows.  Please JOIN the Forum by providing an email address and selecting a password. Just click on "Join this Group" or "Sign in" button in the upper right.  You can post messages here directly by clicking on the "New Conversation" button or replying to an existing message. Or, you can post a message by sending an email to:  NOTE: Your first message will be delayed until a moderator can approve it.  All your subsequent messages will be posted instantly.

Whenever someone replies to your message, you will receive an email.  Note that the email will be marked as coming from the Forum by a short text in square brackets at the beginning of the Subject field. All Forum messages will have [Mid-week] on the subject line.  Even if the message says that it was sent by a specific person, when you see the square brackets in the subject line, know that when you reply to that message, your reply will go to everyone who has signed up as a member of this group.  In other words, you will not be replying only to the person who sent the message but to everyone.
This Forum is meant for people to be able to communicate with each other and for each group member to be able to chime in as well.