A Statement from Modo & Modo S.p.a. on Quality Control and other Issues

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Aug 30, 2006, 2:38:33 PM8/30/06
to Moleskinerie
While we were on vacation (yes, yes, Italians love vacations...and even
more this year, since we had something to celebrate after the World
Cup!) we received 37 several e-mails. There also has been some
discussion on several Internet groups: Google and Flickr among others.

We just got back and here we are answering our customers having trouble
with their Moleskine Notebooks. First of all, WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE
SILENCE, but - like many Moleskiners may already know - we are a
very small company: 15 people total! And we personally follow the
customer care.

Since the beginning of this year we have received and answered 370
emails on different topics. We will answer each one of you, please be

Quality Control

As always we're checking, with almost obsessive care, the quality of
our products. The notebooks details and characteristics require a lot
of precision. This year, in particular, to improve the control on the
production we introduced a new procedure to make sure that our
notebooks are well hand crafted. Despite the small company size, we are
manufacturing and ensuring quality of large quantities: only this year
over 5,223,000 notebooks were released and are traveling around the

Starting last June we added a number printed on the Moleskine flyer
(see image above), which allows us to identify the time, place and lot
of production. This enables us to address any possible problems
pertaining to a specific batch. If you don't have this flyer in your
notebook, you will, as soon as the inventory in the shops updates.

Online feedback form

We are putting in place a feedback form for you to specify precisely
problems with paper, binding, print etc. This form will be very
important for sustaining our efforts in keeping and increasing the
quality of our products.

Thanks for your comments!

It's you, the moleskiners' community, which is the real strength of
our brand and the warranty of quality of our notebooks. You help us
identify problems and address them. It is also you who bring ideas and
help us discover new ways of using Moleskine.
In the next few days we will be in touch and talk about:

1 - production in China
2 - company plans with the new owner Société Générale Capital
3 - prices

We would like to keep the dialog going - we always welcome your
suggestions and comments.

Modo & Modo S.p.a.
30 August 2005 1.15 PM CST



Aug 30, 2006, 2:45:18 PM8/30/06
to Molesk...@googlegroups.com
great to hear this!
looking forward to the upcoming responses. taking care of customers (or loyalists)' concerns is one of the things that could keep us even more loyal and gain confidence in the brand we trust.

Daly de Gagne

Aug 30, 2006, 10:25:32 PM8/30/06
to Molesk...@googlegroups.com
Good stuff! I look forward to this.

Now if Moleskineus could respond to those of us who wrote them several

Failure to respond should be considered grounds for not permitting them
to sell the product any more...

Mistakingly I had written to them thinking they were the US distributor...

I'm glad I found out it was Kikkerland because they responded right away....

One can only wonder how damage Moleskineus has caused for the Moleskine


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Sep 7, 2006, 1:59:31 PM9/7/06
to Moleskinerie
I'd like to add my thanks that I sent details of a defective cahier
through to modo&modo (cover was on back to front) and have received
very promptly an email response and today a parcel (with some very
interesting stamps) containing 3 replacement cahiers and a nice note.
So I am very happy with their customer service!



Sep 7, 2006, 2:54:59 PM9/7/06
to Molesk...@googlegroups.com
that's awesome.
glad to hear that they're prompt on their response to our concerns :D

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