event.setValue when value already in event.

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Irvin Wilson

Oct 16, 2013, 8:22:14 PM10/16/13
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I have a general question on event.setValue.  I have a habit of using event.setValue in the controller even if the value already exists.  For instance, if a controller has 

<cfset local.someVar = trim(arguments.event.getValue("someVar")) />

then after a successful controller process I'll add 

<cfset arguments.event.setValue("someVar", local.someVar) />

,along with any newly created vars, at the bottom of the controller function just prior to returning.  

Things work just fine without doing that but it seems at one point they didn't and I forget why so I got in this habit.  Any benefit/hindrance to it besides the obvious extra work for the server if it's not necessary?

It seems like I got into this because of something to do with "append" in modelglue.xml but I forget what.

Thank you!

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