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Douglas Trojanwoski

Oct 15, 2013, 10:43:07 AM10/15/13
So like most frameworks i use i notice that almost all pages that get monitored fusebox/modelglue its always D:\websites\site1\index.cfm is the only page monitored. Which makes sense since the framework puts the path in a url variable.

My question is with modelglue is there a way that i can truely get server monitor in coldfusion to know that index.cfm? is actually a page?


Chris Blackwell

Oct 15, 2013, 11:02:51 AM10/15/13
to model-glue
On my current project we use fw/1, which is a front-controller framework just like modelglue, with New Relic monitoring.  

in Application.cfc we manually set the uri for the current transaction, like this

var nr = application.NewRelic;
nr.setTransactionName( nullValue(), "/#getFullyQualifiedAction()#");

Sean Corfield has a blog post about it here, we've also integrated error reporting so we get our custom cfml types rather than the java error type which doesn't tell you much

function onError(rc) {
try {
var re = request.exception;
var cause = re.getRootCause();
var params = {
error_id = rc.errorid,
type: re.type ?: '',
message: re.message ?: '',
detail: re.detail ?: '',
NewRelic.noticeError(cause, params); 
catch(any e) {
log("error", "Error creating NewRelic error report. #e.message#");
// other error handling here

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