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Dec 26, 2007, 1:45:04 PM12/26/07
to Mistletoe Matters
Hi Folks,
I met up with Jonathan and his partner Caroline at The Circus Bar in
Cheltenham. I was wearing my Mistletoe Buttonhole as arranged. A few
people gave me a weird look, suggesting they thought my mistletoe
dangler was indicating I was on the pull. There was an overdressed
pantomime genie present, snowman, Daddy Christmas and an angel who had
to pull in her wings to let me pass in the narrow bar area...all very
appropriate for a bar called The Circus.

Jonathan was fascinating...not much I could tell him new about
Mistletoe. I did bring along a little mistletoe 'gem' that I paid way
over the odds for at an auction recently and Caroline especially
seemed to admire it. I'll post a pic of it anon. Jonathan showed me
his lovely mistletoe postcards...most of which he'd compiled..and I
was very keen to hear about the orders they'd had for Fresh Mistletoe
this Christmas season from their Tenbury website.

I suggested getting hold of the wonderfully imaginative Heston
Blumenthal to see what he could concoct out of Mistletoe in the
culinary sense. He was televised making a fabulous feast of Gold
Frankincense and Myrrh this Christmas so why not turn his genius
little hand to our beloved viscum album...
Jonathan and Caroline were always one or two steps ahead of me in the
Mistletoe game I have to say, except for my fresh mistletoe-crackers/
party-favours. I mentioned how it might be good for us all in the
Mistletoe Matters group, (All 5 of us?) to go on a Mistletoe holiday
and visiting an Iscador factory in Germany for example.

Anyway we all had a couple of drinks each...Jonathan's party trick was
eating the flesh off a mistletoe berry. (DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF) and
displaying his 'blingtasic' berrisomest sprig.

I suggested rounding off our very pleasant meeting with a slight
detour to where their car was parked...so that I could show them a
cluster of trees dressed to the hilt in mistletoe bunches. Cheltenham
is asking for a Mistletoe walk, and as an ex member of The Ramblers
I'm up for it if anyone wants to join me...

We parted, after gazing up into the Mistletoe, with an agreement to
keep in touch.

Next day I metioned to a work colleague how interesting The Mistletoe
Man was and that he gave talks on Mistletoe in Art. She is going to
recommend him as a paid speaker to a Group she belongs.....

Happy New Year

The Mistletoe Lady
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