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Apr 5, 2007, 3:47:37 PM4/5/07
to Mistleto...@googlegroups.com
Hi All
At last i have joined mistletoe matters, i had a letter in our local paper asking for mistletoe on unusual trees in norfolk & north suffolk, i had a very good response, with about 34 replies.
 The best finds were on cotoneaster horizontalia two bunches, medlar, prunus-subhirtella atumnals, (winter cherry) & tomorrow we are going to see mistletoe on lonicera syringiantha (shrubby honeysuckle) in norwich, i have been told this is the only on in the country?
 best wishes Rod Chapman.

Jonathan Briggs

Apr 6, 2007, 3:01:40 AM4/6/07
to Mistletoe Matters
Hi Rod,

An interesting hosts list, and good to hear from you. The Mistletoe
Matters Group has been somewhat neglected recently - perhaps we can
breathe some life into it - I have mistletoe news from London, Tenbury
and home that I should be posting - will do something about it soon.

Thinking about your unusual records - mistletoe on Cotoneaster is
rarish but not unknown - there are a few over here in Glos -but they
seem particularly vulnerable to being weeded out (we've lost a couple
in recent years), not sure why! Medlar specimens are another good
rarity, though it's obviously a very suitable host, and so maybe the
rarity is largely because medlar itself is so uncommon. Prunus
records are always interesting - as mistletoe really doesn't seem to
like Prunus very much.

I have no immediate thoughts on the Lonicera record - never heard of
it on that (but must check the national database), so will be
interesting to hear about what you found on your visit!

Happy Easter!


Jonathan Briggs

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