Next meeting August 9th and Previous meeting notes.

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George Kowalski

Aug 1, 2006, 10:01:14 PM8/1/06
to MilwaukeeRubyUsersGroup

The next meeting of the MIlwaukee Ruby User's group will be on August
9th at the Usual location:

SpiderLogic, Conference Room 1 on first floor. If you arrive after
6:00pm, you may have to call the number on the door to get let in which

is Vibhu's cell phone, but we'll try and watch the door.

Look for Medical College of Wisconsin/ Wipfli sign outside
10000 West Innovation Dr.
Milwaukee, WI 53266

This meeting with by on basic Ruby on Rails usage as we discussed at
our first meeting.

We're looking for presenters for this upcoming meeting.

Please let others know of this meeting as there are some people that
did not switch over to this new mailing list from the old one. I don't
see how to subscribe with an email address that is outside the gmail
domain, but some people are doing it. This is keeping a couple of
people off the list so pass the word.

I must apologize for not being more active lately, but a switch in jobs
has kept me very busy. The new job should give me an opportunity to use
rails on a more regular basis. I've also lost my notes from the last
meeting during the shuffle so I'll wing it from memory.

>From what I can remember it was a good meeting , with two presentations
on the basics of Ruby. One presesentation was by Tom Jordan and the
other was by Geoff Lane. They talked about The ruby object model ( See
Understanding Ruby's Object Model [ ChrisPine_UROM.ppt ] ) and
inheritance within Ruby along with some basics .

The presentations can both be found off of , which is a great resouce for
pre-canned presentations. ( Hint: makes it easier to do a presentation
for ou group, or yours at work !)

See you at the next meeting.


George Kowalski

Aug 1, 2006, 10:06:51 PM8/1/06
to MilwaukeeRubyUsersGroup
Incredable, as soon as I send out the email I find my notes. Here they

Meeting notes from 7/12

Pixel - is a photoshop like tool.

Milwaukee Web design Meetup tomorrow Rails presetnation by Jordan.
Next time we'll be going over rails. CAll for presenters

Meta Programming Presentation by - Geoff

Example of overwriding

Programming your programming. Changing your programs

A class is a singleton instance

No classes are closed so you can override even Object with new methods

Generation of attributes

class AnotherClas
attribute :foo, :bar

Use symbols where you can to save on garbage collection

A Module is a special class that everyone gets . Every class you create
is of type object and mixed in with Module

A mixin is not inheritance

See ruby quiz for more examples - 50 or more simple problems to figure
out .


You can get at private methods and override through metaprogramming.

Basic Ruy - TJ Jordan presentaion
----------------------------- - documentation for your use to present to your boss and

Understanding Ruby's Object Model - Chris Pine is the presentation
we'll be going over.

kind_of is like instanceof in java

Kernal is just a mondule that is just there.

What appears to you to be a freeform cuntion in a file it actually get
put into the Kernal module.


Kernel is a subclass of module added into every object of class Module

Module is a class

bloc is not an object . but a block can be changed into a proc

Ruby Course 2004 an immersive programming course is a good


Aug 2, 2006, 9:49:05 AM8/2/06
to MilwaukeeRubyUsersGroup
> This meeting with by on basic Ruby on Rails usage as we discussed at
> our first meeting.
> ********
> We're looking for presenters for this upcoming meeting.
> ********

Are you looking for presenters to talk about RoR, or something else?

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