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Welcome to MedStats, a group for particular for Medical Statisticians. (Whereas industrial statisticians are governed by Health and Safety requirements, say, Medical Statisticians have an ethical side to their work.)  
Only members can post to the Group. Anyone at all can read postings: member or not.
It has always been a rule within MedStats that no "flaming" would be allowed. Flaming has two dimensions. First: when a respondent does not allow that the questioner might be relatively new to statistics and responds scathingly. Second: when the questioner persists on sending emails to the Group when a clear answer has already been posted.

Please take note: if you post anything that looks like homework the Group is unlikely to respond, and persistent postings of this sort will probably lead to you just being ignored.
Furthermore, it is not permitted to post advertisements for jobs. 

Where advertisements pertain to financial gain (for example: posting of upcoming courses), such advertisements must clearly state the cost.

The Group has three Managers: John Whittington, Frank Harrell Jnr and myself. I founded the group. John has been involved from the beginning. 

It is a good idea to create a back-up membership should there be problems with your membership such as it being hacked into. This might sound over the top but it has been a real problem at times and having a back-up membership is invaluable in sorting it out.
If you are planning to post a question you might like to search the archives first. These store all the Group's activity over all the years that the Group has been running. Although I say it myself, this is a fantastic resource to have at your disposal.
If you encounter any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact me or John Whittington or Frank Harrell Jnr.
Best Wishes,
Martin P. Holt
MedStats Group Founder

4 Hawthorne Drive
LE67 1AW