Photogrammetry of Bear Skeleton

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Feb 14, 2022, 8:04:32 AMFeb 14
to Matienzo GoogleGroup
After an interesting cave surveying meet last weekend I have learned a lot about which software to use for photogrammetry (the technique of building 3D models from photographs of objects). I have revisited my photos of the Los Hoyos bear skeleton and have been amazed now much better a model I was able to build than the one done my Mike Topsom 10 years ago. Looking on the Matienzo website I see that Nigel Dibben took some photos of the bones in 2018, but from the same (more photographic angle) as I did. There must be others who have taken photos of that site? I am looking for any pictures of any quality which show the top side of the bear skull and the back of the skeleton. You can see the current model in the attached image, and a second image shows the areas with missing information on the back of the stal and skull.

To build up the missing parts of the 3d model which none of my photos cover I need some pictures taken of the other side of the skeleton. If you know anyone who has taken photos there who would be happy to share them with me I can further improve the model of the bones. The photos don't need to look great (in fact flat lighting works better for this process). I just need some images (as many as I can get) of the back of the skeleton and surrounding floor. I can also use video if anyone ever shot any? The software can extract frames from this to gather a lot of data.


Bear Model.jpg
Bear Rear.jpg

Juan Corrin

Feb 14, 2022, 12:07:02 PMFeb 14
You might get more help by posting the same info in the Matienzo Caves Facebook group, Paul.


Juan Corrin
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Feb 14, 2022, 3:44:36 PMFeb 14
to Matienzo GoogleGroup
Thanks Juan. I've posted it there too now.

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