Arbusto, JoshuaZ, and Guy Deemed Bigots, Jew Defends Christian University

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Sep 19, 2006, 4:07:19 AM9/19/06
On the online "encyclopedia anyone can edit", also known as Wikipedia,
there is often little consideration for religious entries (such as
groups, people, and universities). In fact, several editors such as
Arbusto, JoshuaZ, and Guy (who is also an administrator) frequently
belittle fundamentalist Christianity by either trying to emasculate
those entries or delete them.

Recently, Arbusto (also known as Arbustoo) nominated yet another
Christian entry for deletion. This time, he tried to make a Christian
university disappear. However, a religious Jew named Alan Sohn
silenced him and his cohorts.

In response to their claims that the B.H. Carroll Theological Institute
was nothing more than a diploma mill, and after some well-reasoned
conversation, Sohn said, "I see people deciding to delete this article
because they have presumed that the article was created to push a
diploma mill. The bad faith demonstrated regarding the institution
itself is just gravy (bordering on bigotry)." To these statements,
none of the three had a comment or reply.

For those following the antics of people like Arbusto, JoshuaZ, and Guy
(also known as JzG), this is nothing new. These three and a handful of
others have systematically collaborated on their anti-religious mission
of bigotry for over a year. Fortunately for the even handed, the
like-minded, and the moral majority, the B.H. Carroll entry was not
deleted. If you would like to see the vote and the comments, go here:

If you'd like to keep tabs on Arbustoo, JoshuaZ, and JzG, you can here:

Fraud Buster

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