How to score in SPM Chemistry ???

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Jun 1, 2006, 9:45:37 AM6/1/06
to Malaysia Students
It is a total headache for me . Indeed. I scored only 44 in
my first term exam and i got a shock when i got my paper . Well, any
suggestion for me to improve in my KIMIA?

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Jun 2, 2006, 4:44:47 AM6/2/06
to Malaysia Students
Hi Lix, I think that Chemistry is an easy-to-score SPM subject. How? By
doing all the past year questions and you can surely get a 1A! This is
my tip for you.

I scored 1A in SPM 2005 ;-)


Jun 4, 2006, 7:03:39 AM6/4/06
to Malaysia Students
Haha, well, thanks for that ! Actually , I found out my weak point is
my essay part . Please help me ....

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Jun 8, 2006, 9:39:05 AM6/8/06
to Malaysia Students
For essay questions, you should learn how the marks are allocated
through checking the marking schema. From there, you can see which
keywords are important in writing your essays. Besides your Chemistry
teacher, you can get the essay questions and their marking schemas from
revision books.

One effective tip: Always read all topics first before complaining that
Chemistry is hard-to-score. If you never read/revise the textbook or
reference book, then 1A would never be yours!

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Jun 10, 2006, 8:40:26 AM6/10/06
to Malaysia Students
You know what, there's an old legend in secondary school. Normally you
hear this story when you are about to enter Form 4.

"Bio, Physics, Chemistry... the difference between these three pure
science subjects is that, all three require different brain usage in a
different percentage... In Biology, where you need 75% of MEMORIZING
skill and 25% UNDERSTANDING of your text. Mean while for Physics, it's
the other way round where you need only 25% MEMORIZING skill (my friend
derives the formulae other than memorizes it!!) and 75% understanding.
Chemistry is some way in the middle and should be the easy for all ...
... you need half memory and half understanding, i.e. you are not only
memorize the formulae and concept, you need to apply them as well ..."

To be honest, for the first monthly test in my chemistry, i was about
to fail ... ... i did even know how to get the numbers of atoms in a
mole of oxygen gas ... ... becoz I couldn't see the concept and i did
understand it... i could not imagine the concept... so.. the most

then... you learn the basic, how to balance an equation... this is the
most basic AND useful skill in chemistry... even in STPM, sometimes you
really scratching your head til bleeding but still couldn't figure out
the meaning and the question... all you need to do is to balance the
equation and you will get the concept for that particular
situation/condition... then you are half way to the answer...

the question is .. HOW TO LEARN TO BALANCE THE EQUATION ?? well... ...
this is different for every individual... it's more or less like
Maths... ... someone good in Maths (and understand what is Maths) could
normally do better in balancing the equation... ... just take it as a
simple Maths equation and maybe you will get a clearer picture ... ...
break the molecules into simple element... ... ... take it simple and
think simple .. then it will be...

the most important key is ... ... go through every chapter and learn
the basic concept... then... understand its concept but doing some
practice questions ... ... doing questions will let you know how to
apply this concept ... ...

e.g. : you study about thermochemistry... you know it's about heat
produced/asorbed in a chemical reaction... ... but you won't be able to
do the questions if you never done it before ... ... becoz you don't
know how to apply the concept !

With the concepts in your mind... you should be able to do most
questions ... but ... what if you want to do ALL QUESTIONS ??

then comes in your memorizing skill ... ... you need to memorize
examples... ... you need to memorize the colours of elements... ...
formulae... ...

you probably know about daniel cell... how to draw the cell and know
which way the current going around the circuit... ... but if the
question ask you to give an example ??? what if the questions asking
you to build an experiment to know what element contain in an unknown
substances ??

so to score very well, you will need this.

that's all i wanted to tell you all based on my personal experience.
Some might feel not comfortable with my way, I understand that becoz i
believe every individual got its own way to excel. Hopefully you can
benefits the best from my opinion other than following it blindly.

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