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Michael Munson

Sep 5, 2019, 11:38:24 PM9/5/19
I have a server I'm not utilizing at home and thought I might colo it. Would anyone here be interested in essentially sharing it? In this era of $5 VMs I'm thinking I might find no takers, but here are the specs, of which you could utilize half:

CPU: 2 x Intel Xeon 2.7Ghz E5-2680 (8 cores each for 16 total cores or 32 threads with hyperthreading)
RAM: 64GB ECC (DDR3 1333MHz)
HDD: 480GB SSD, 2x4TB HDDs
Bandwidth: 1Gbps (with a max used of 32Tb/month)
IPs: 1 /29 block with 5 usable IPv4 addresses.
GPU: a 4GB Nvidia graphics card is installed, although this would be a headless server the graphics card could be used in transcoding video applications.

You'd pay $40/mo.

I realize this is a bit odd on a group for MOOs when MOOs don't require much CPU, RAM, HDD and can be hosted on cheap VMs but thought someone might be interested. I'd basically install ESXi and let you have either 1 giant VM, or up to 4-8 smaller ones in whatever configuration -- although I need 2 IPs for my use, so you'd only have 3 IPs available.

Use cases might be Minecraft or other game servers, Plex media servers, etc.

Michael Munson

Sep 6, 2019, 2:40:32 AM9/6/19
As soon as I sent this e-mail my wife told me that the server at the non-profit she works is dying, so I actually do have a use for this server now. Sorry to waste everyone's time!
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