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Jan 24, 2019, 9:37:45 PM1/24/19
Hello fellow MOOers,

I normally dislike the idea of advertising here, preferring to use it
as a technical list, not a list for inviting people to arbitrarily
connect to a MOO. However, I wanted to extend an invitation to all of
the MOO coders to come check out ChatMUD, which runs on the
LambdaMOO-Stunt server. We're an up and coming social MOO; having
opened on January 18, we were previously in a closed private beta for
about a year, refining code and implementing systems. We have an
active and vibrant community of like-minded MOO admins, developers,
and builders. A great deal of cross-pollination has taken place, and
it's rapidly become a place for fellow MOO coders to talk about MOO
and flex their programming and building muscles.

We have made countless improvements to make the user (and
programmer's) experience more modern and streamlined. This lists some
of what we have to offer:

If you've been searching for a new social MOO, are discouraged by the
lack of activity on historic social MOOs such as LambdaMOO, or just
want a place to discuss MOOcode with a varied plethora of MOO wizards
and programmers, feel free to stop by. We average anywhere between
20-40 connected at one given time, and since our public debut have
been growing at a steady rate; people are almost always active to
answer questions or chitchat.

Port: 7777 (or 7443 for SSL)

Hope to see you there!
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