Mobo AVR 1.07 code compiles on current Linux!

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Dec 29, 2014, 7:52:38 AM12/29/14
Finally assembling my mobo - and I may need to change the LPF code - probably going to use port D rather than the I2C expander

Didn't want to download 500Mb of AVR studio, so I have used native Linux tools

avr-gcc 4.8.1 (borrowed from the Arduino 1.5.6 IDE), dfu-programmer 0.7.0, LUFA-140928

Mobo-ATmega32U2-1-07 source code

Needed a few tweeks to match the new LUFA version, but it compiles and seems to run (LCD updates, MoboControl05 seems to work) needs the right fonts (otherwise the GUI elements don't fit), but nothing too difficult

Size for the 05 version is 38501 vs 38489 in the original tar file. 

Is this stuff useful to anyone else - and if so, how should I contribute back to the group?

73, happy new year

--David G8SQH

Sid Boyce

Dec 29, 2014, 8:54:28 AM12/29/14
looks like you have it all covered.

I was early in on the SDR-Widget which is no longer available .... SR63ng + Mobo + SDR-Widget so I didn't bother to upgrade to 1-07.

The Linux tools work fine, we only had to modify early versions of dfu-programmer to add support for the 32u2.
A few weeks ago I used openSUSE  distro versions of avr-gcc to build a source file and arduino to program a ATmega328p for another SDR project.
73 ... Sid.

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